Eco & Baby Friendly Cleaning Products!

Eco & Baby Friendly Cleaning Products!

Even before becoming a mom I began to experiment with more eco-friendly cleaners around the house. But after having a baby, eliminating harsh chemicals became even more important. Although there are far less choices when it comes to bio-based cleaners, there are still a fair amount out there, and no one wants to try a bunch of products before finding one that works. I am now giving products ratings; you can get a good idea of where each item sits on a scale of 1-10. So if you are a new mom, a parent to a fur baby, or you just want less chemicals polluting your space read on. I’m taking you on my journey through cleaners from floor to dishes!

When it comes to using harsh chemicals in cleaning products, I am rather guilty. I had tried one or two floor cleaners that were “eco-friendly,” and plant based, but they really didn’t do the trick. Unfortunately with two dogs, a massive amount of shedding, dirty paws, and the occasional “accident,” I need something tough that’s really going to leave my laminated wood floors clean. For the longest time I was using diluted Mr. Clean, spraying it all over the floor, then taking a wet swifter pad to wipe it up. I would flip the pad over to get maximum use. The wet pads get dry awfully fast, so by spraying a cleaner like Mr. Clean on the floor, the pads would never get too dry. Both sides would be full to capacity with dog hair and I would need to use another before wet pads dried out.

Then I started noticing that my pug Cleopatra, who loves to scoot and rub her butt all over the floor would get “contact dermatitis.” There really couldn’t be much else causing it except for the chemicals I was using on the floor. I tried out several other floor cleaners after that; Pledge makes two types of floor cleaners, one specifically for hardwood floors and the Multisurface Floor Cleaner . The Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner didn’t really “clean” the floor. It seemed to give it a good polish, and it left the floors nice and shiny. But if I went over the floor with a wet rag I would pick up so much dirt. To be fair that product was for hardwood not laminated wood, so I guess it didn’t really get a fair shot with me. The Pledge Multi-surface Floor Cleaner was not a good product. It didn’t clean the floors well, again if I took a wet rag and wiped the floors after cleaning it with this product, they would be black. It also left this sticky residue and feel to the floors. The only reason I am not giving it the lowest rating possible is because it wasn’t too bad on tile. Overall that product didn’t work to my satisfaction.

Orange Glo made my floors way to slippery. That product is very specifically for hardwood and mine is laminated so that might be a great product, just not for my floors. Then I found something called Mop & Glo. This product is amazing I love it! It is good for several different types of flooring including hardwood, laminate, tile. vinyl, marble, linoleum, you name it, it’s probably good to use on it. There is another product called Favor 3-in-1 Floor Cleaner. It is much cheaper than Mop & Glo, and I have bought it when that product wasn’t on sale. It’s $2.97 at Wal-Mart you can’t beat that. It is ALMOST as good as Mop & Glo but it doesn’t leave the same shine. However it is better than the Pledge Floor Cleaner in my opinion, so if you want to save some coin, I would go with Favor. I still have both the Mop & Glo and Favor under my sink although I haven’t been reaching for them as much.

So I found two floor cleaners that worked for laminated wood flooring, then 2 events happened. 1. I got pregnant. When I got pregnant I wanted to cut back on the chemicals. I knew that in the near future I would have a baby sitting and crawling all over the floors and I needed to find a better option. 2. Winter came and the dogs were bringing it crazy amounts of salt into the house. They would also start limping because their paws were getting cracked and irritated from the salt. I didn’t want to add chemical cleaners to the floor knowing it would irritate their cracked paws even more than they already were. So that’s when I started trying some new things.

I had the Shark Steam Pocket Mop which was great because I could give my floor a deep clean only using water. I was able to get the salt up, but using just the water and steam didn’t leave my floors as “clean” as I would like them to be. It left them clean, it just didn’t “sanitize” the floor to my liking. Especially around the area where my dog’s potty mat is. Sometimes I get peepee paw prints coming from the mat. So what I started doing was putting a few tablespoons of vinegar into the tank with water. That took away any smells my french bulldog might have left behind and just made me feel like the floors were getting the extra clean they needed. A few times when I was lazy and needed to clean the tiles in the bathroom, I would add a bit of bleach into the tank with water, and that worked like a charm. I had that shark for like 6/7 years, and this past winter it broke. It just had an electrical short and I couldn’t fix it, however it lasted me so long it was well worth the money. So the new Shark Genius is on my list of things I need to buy. 

My shark broke down at the worst time. It broke down a few weeks before the baby was due and I was NESTING BIG TIME! I was washing the walls and ceilings, touching up paint cracks on the door frames and baseboards (as if my newborn was going to notice.) Ev  erything in my house was being reorganized, things were being moved into a storage unit and I had just started putting the nursery together. Before any furniture was assembled in the nursery, I had to wash the walls and of course vacuum then clean the floors. My shark was out of commission but I also didn’t want to use any harsh chemicals, so I did something I’ve done before, but is crazy to do at 35 weeks pregnant. I mixed 1-2 tablespoons of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap into a bucket of hot water, got on my hands and knees and cleaned every single floor in this house with a washcloth. That was a little insane, but I love how clean the floors come out when they are cleaned by hand. This soap really works well to get grime that all the cleaners mentioned above just can’t get. (They probably would be just as good if I used them on my hands and knees.) I even cleaned the walls with this same Dr. Bronner’s mixture. I have raved about Dr. Bronner’s before it was actually my very first post on this site. I linked it below at target which has the best price for 1 bottle except when it goes on sale at Whole Foods. Sometimes some of the scents go on sale for $12 for 32oz. AND if you have Amazon prime you get an extra 10%. I just thought I would share that little tip. Dr. Bronner’s can be diluted so no matter what you are using it for it goes a long way. For body wash you can add 1 part soap and 1 part water into any empty bottle and get double the amount! But $16 is a lot to spend on soap for most of us, so keep your eye out for that sale!

After the insanity of being on my hands and knees at 35 weeks preggers, I just needed to find an easier product for the floors, that had less chemicals, would be safe for the dogs and safe for the baby. I was going to try the Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Concentrate but it also needs to be diluted in water. So I would either need to use a mop (which in my opinion that just spreads dirt) or get on my hands and knees. I already have a product that works great that way so Mrs. Meyers was a pass.

Then I tried The Honest Company Floor Cleaner. This shit is bomb. That’s really the best way to describe it.

The Honest Company has great products in general, but their floor cleaner is the best “plant based, mild, eco-friendly” floor cleaner on the market. Their formulas use a combination of plant-derived surfactants and food grade preservatives “for an honest clean.”

“This product undergoes thoughtful ingredient selection and advance safety testing including testing for mildness.”

It is made without SLS, dyes, MEA, synethic fragrances, methylisothiazolinone, and ammonia. The Honest Floor smells like grapefruit and is scented with essential oils. All you have to do is spray it directly onto the surface and wipe it with a lint free cloth or sponge. I spray it on the floor then wipe it up with a cloth, it picks up so much dirt and it leaves the floor so nice and clean. I can really feel that there is no dust, dirt, grease left on the floor when I use this product. I have been using this for about 6 months now, my dogs have never reacted poorly to it, and it hasn’t bothered my son. So if your looking for a more mild cleaner for your floors, this is the one to try. I swear by it.

On July 4th the Honest Company was having a 50% off sale for first time customers. I had never ordered from their site before, never tried their diapers or wipes so I decided to go for it. I would probably not buy the honest diapers again, because for the full price of $80 I can get way more diapers and wipes from pampers. The prints are adorable, but unless you are getting a great sale it just isn’t worth a monthly subscription. I will probably talk about Honest Company Diapers in a post about all different diapers I’ve tried.

When you get a diaper & wipes bundle you have the option of adding on additional products, and if you add on 3 you can get an additional 15-25% off those items. Since I was running out of the Honest Floor Cleaner, I added that to my order. I also decided to try their Baby Multi-Surface cleaner and their Baby Dish Soap.

The Honest Baby Multi-Surface is a product that every mother should have in her home. It’s exactly what the name describes, a multi-surface cleaner thats safe to use on basically everything your baby puts their hands on. I use it for the changing table mat when I take off and wash the cover every week or so. All of his toys, the high chair, car seat buckles, all of his various chairs and bouncers. I use it on my coffee table, since I frequently put his pacifiers and toys on it. The surfaces I frequently put baby toys I don’t use harsh chemicals on. So thats his bookshelf, the coffee table, and even the dining room table.

The Honest Baby Multi-Surface cleaner is actually one of the “cheaper” cleaners on the market. Of course you can use any multi-surface cleaner for high chairs but since babies put their mouths on everything, harsh chemicals is something I would steer clear from. Babyganics makes a multi-surface cleaner, but it is made specifically for sealed hard surfaces. Glass, countertops, highchairs, floors, painted surfaces. Babyganics Toy & Highchair Cleaner is their second product that is safe to use on toys and other surfaces babies often put in their mouths. They sell this product on Amazon, 2 for $7.98 (about $4 each). They sell a 3 pack of the Babyganics Multi-Surface Cleaner for a little over $16 ($5.33 each). So you need to buy two babyganics products to do the same job as the honest baby multi-surface cleaner. If we break it down price-wise it would cost about $9 for two babyganics products compared to the $3.99 full price for the Honest baby-multi surface. The only downside to the honest company cleaner, I haven’t found it in stores, it seems that this product might be one they only have online.

As I was writing this blog post I made another order of these products from honest company. I ordered 2 baby multi-surfaces cleaners, 2 floor cleaners, 2 baby stain removers (never tried), a bathroom cleaner and I added in one single baby multi-surface just so the order hit $25. The shipping is almost $10 if you don’t spend $50, and I didn’t want to do a diaper bundle because their diapers are expensive unless you get them half off. But there is a coupon code for $10 off your order of $25, so that made the shipping free. 8 items cost me $27.44 with tax. Most of these items are over $4 in store (like the floor cleaner is $6) so I did get a good deal buying off

I haven’t tried the babyganics cleaners yet so I won’t completely rule them out yet. I won’t buy them off amazon even though I have prime; I will wait until I get a coupon and buy them at my local Shop Rite. My local Target always seems to be sold out of all of these baby cleaners and a lot of baby toiletries. (The Mustela Foaming Shampoo for cradle cap, when it comes back in stock you better grab two because it will be months before you are able to get one again, and target is one of the only stores around that carries that specific kind. My son doesn’t even have cradle cap anymore and I’m still buying it!) *Off on a tangent again* 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ok now my absolute favorite product! I cannot rave about this enough! It is an AMAZING product.

The Dapple Pure ‘N’ Clean Bottles & Dishes! Ahh this product is so great. And if your sitting on the other side of the screen scratching your head like “Is there really that much of a difference with dish soap?” THE ANSWER IS YES YES YES YES! If you haven’t tried this product I suggest you add it to your next grocery list, and I guarantee if your cleaning bottles with formula or breast milk or pump parts you will fall in love.

This dish soap is made specifically to eliminate milk film and odor. Its fragrance free and has a whole list of baby friendly, plant-based ingredients. It is free of SLS, SLES, Parabens, phthalates, dyes, artificial fragrances, chlorine, alcohol & formaldehyde.

Award-winning formula for super clean bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, breast pump component & toddler-ware. Bonus: Leaves Grown up dishes Sparkling too!

It is so fast rinsing, and it really leaves your dishes SQUEAKY CLEAN. Dawn or Palmolive does not leave your dishes squeaky clean like this soap does. I was originally using the basic Palmolive that they recommended me use in the hospital for bottles and pump parts, but I would notice that my flanges would have a film around them even after scrubbing with a brush. I would have to keep all my pump parts in the fridge for 3 days, then wash and give them a good boil to remove that film. Then when I had to start supplementing formula, OMG, it was so annoying to get the formula film off the nipples. I thought I washed them really god with a brush and with hot water but after they dried I would still occasionally notice a film inside the nipple. What a pain in the ass. 🍼🍼

I heard someone talk about Dapple in a Mom’s Support Group on Facebook and I bought it my very next trip to the grocery store. After that it was love at first use. I never had any problem again with any type of film whether in the flanges with breast milk or bottles with formula. Even in the Dr. Brown’s bottles that have the two little components that you need a special brush to scrub. With dapple I can use my regular bottle brush, let the soapy water get in the holes and run it under water. BAM they are squeaky clean and I don’t even need to use that tiny little brush.

Honest company also makes a baby dish soap. The reason I didn’t talk about it with all the other honest products I was raving about is because compared to Dapple, there is no comparison. Right before I wrote this blog I did a little test. Two dirty Dr. Brown’s bottles that were filled with formula and had formula residue. Both bottles have the bottle itself, the rubber nipple, a plastic nipple ring, and then the two piece vent system that has a plastic “straw,” and rubber stopper. I used my Tommee Tippee Baby bottle & nipple cleansing brush, my absolute favorite brush for cleaning bottles. The popular Munchkin and Dr. Browns bottle brushes are just not as good as this one. (Unfortunately I never really see them sold by themselves in store, mine came in a Tommee Tippee bottle set. They could be ordered online, I put a link in the products mentioned section below.)

Neither products, Dapple or Honest have a scent. They both produce suds. However Dapple rinses much easier than Honest. I just have to fill the bottle halfway with clean water, dump it out, 2 second rinse inside again, and a 1 second rinse on the outside. Wham, I’m done with the bottle! Dapple leaves the bottles so squeaky clean, I’m serious once they are dry you can make the plastic squeak thats how clean they get. Because I can feel that clean, when I have to clean the vent from the Dr. Brown’s bottle I don’t even need to use the tiny little brush they come with. I can just use my bottle brush to get soap into the vent pieces and rinse them under hot water for 3-4 seconds. There is 0 residue in the see-through blue vent and rubber plug. Every week or so I do give all the bottles & components a really thorough cleaning with that little brush, but it is not necessary on an everyday basis when using dapple. The nipple and plastic ring I wash together, then slightly pop the nipple out just so the part of the nipple that is underneath the ring gets rinsed well. It’s annoying to wash these bottles because they do have 5 components all together if you include the cap. Using Dapple makes the process so much easier. LOL I sound like a Dapple spokesperson. I’m not, but I would love to be sponsored by them!

Then I cleaned a second dirty bottle with Honest. It definitely did not rinse as easily. It didn’t have more suds, but it just didn’t rinse off as quickly as Dapple. It did get all of the residue out of the bottle, but it just doesn’t feel that SQUEAKY CLEAN Dapple gives. Because of that I didn’t feel as confident about just using the regular bottle brush to clean the vent components; I have to pull out that little blue brush. Also when I washed the nipple, there was a slight bit of residue left at the very top of the nipple. Granted I didn’t use the nipple cleaner on my brush, but the soap and rinsing alone is not enough to remove film. I never use the nipple cleaner with dapple, it has the power to remove residue without scrubbing.

Honest baby dish soap is a decent product. I’m not saying its a bad product whatsoever. Is it better than Dapple? No. However if I couldn’t get Dapple I would use honest over Palmolive or Dawn just for the simple fact its fragrance free and has way less chemicals. It’s good for the baby’s dishes and bottles, its better for the environment, probably better for your pipes too LOL, it’s just BETTER!

Whew that was a long post today! If you have tried any of these products leave me some comments and let me know what you think about them. If you haven’t tried them and I’ve convinced you to, let me know what you think LOL! All the products mentioned here are posted below.

Most of the links below are affiliate links, that means if you buy the product after clicking from my site I will receive a commission. If you do I really appreciate it, it helps me pay for hosting.

As always thanks for reading!




P.S. Guess who just turned 5 months old this week! My son turned 5 months on 9/11! My handsome little man 💕


Products Mentioned 📝

Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner 3 Pack– $13.41

Pledge Multisurface Floor Cleaner Concentrate– $4.47 🥉

Mop & Glo Multi Surface Floor Cleaner – $7.49 🥇

Favor 3-in-1 Floor Cleaner– $2.97 🥈

Shark Steam Pocket Mop – $55.97 (The one I had) 🥇

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop– $119.99 (the one I am getting)

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap 32oz (Lavander)- $15.99 🌎🏆

Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Concentrate (Honeysuckle)– $8.49 (I have the hand soap and honeysuckle is my fav scent other than the limited edition peony)

The Honest Company Floor Cleaner – $5.99 🌎🏆

Honest Baby Multi-Surface– $3.99🌎 🏆

Honest Baby Stain Remover– $3.99  🥇

Babyganics Multi-Surface Cleaner Pack of 3– $16.14

Babyganics Toy & Highchair Cleaner Pack of 2– $7.98 (on sale)

Dapple Bottle & Dish Liquid Soap Refill 32oz– $7.99 🌎🏆

Dapple Bottle & Dish Soap (Unscented) 16.9oZ– $4.99 🌎🏆

OMG I just found out they have scented dapple online at target! 😮😮

Dapple Lavander, Dapple Apricot, Dapple Apple-Pear, Dapple Mango-Melon, Dapple Lavander 32oz

Honest Baby Dish Soap– $3.99 🥈

Dr. Browns 8OZ Bottles Natural Flow 3 Pack – $11.49 🌎🏆

Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleaning Brush– $5.99 🌎🏆

Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush– $4.47 🥇

Dr. Browns Baby Bottle Brush– $3.03 🥉

Amazon Prime (If you don’t have it already free 2 day shipping!) 🌎🏆

If your interested in several of these Honest Company products there is the Honest Essentials Bundle where you can save 35% on cleaning, baby, & beauty products.

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