I see you, Cyme.

I see you, Cyme.

Let me just state this quick fact, I’m not big on sheet masks. Why?

  1. I don’t like paying $5-15+ (depending on the brand) for one single use. Even if I buy a $40 mask in a tube or jar, I’m going to get at least 10 probably more uses out of it. And there is only one mask I ever paid that much money for, and that is the Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask. It’s $34 and I get a good 20 uses out of a tube. When I just checked the price on Sephora they are completely sold out of both the regular and value sizes & is listed as one of their loves; so I’m not the only one who loves that mask. *Off on a tangent again, I should really start filming*
  2. They are wasteful. A lot of the sheet masks have way more product than I would normally use. It might be a thick layer of product, but just because the layer is thicker doesn’t mean the result is better than if I were to use a thinner layer. I just don’t need that much product on my face. The excess just goes down the drain anyway.

After I had my baby in April I realized I need to spoil myself and dedicate some time every week to just me. I had to let my boyfriend take the baby for a few hours while I either just relax and catch up on sleep, or go get a manicure. So in May I decided to tone my body with hot yoga, and treat myself with a Massage Envy membership. Two things I could do every week alone, without my son, and just focus on me. One of the many things I learned being a new mom is that you really need to take care of your health, especially your mental health. If that means stepping away from the house once or twice a week, or just taking an hour long bath to unwind, you have to do it. New moms are incredibly paranoid and unwilling to let other people care for their babies by themselves. But no matter how much you don’t want to leave your little one for a few hours without you, find someone you trust and just walk out the door. You will thank yourself later.

I found an amazing massage therapist at massage envy, the man is like a massage god. Deep tissue is my favorite, he is strong and amazing at working every single muscle in my neck and back. Every time I leave I feel like I’m walking on a cloud. The next day is always rough, as my body is so sore from the lactic acid that has been worked out of my muscles, but by day 2 or 3 I feel great for at least 2 weeks, way less tense than usual.

So one day I was waiting for my therapist and I started looking at the skin care they had at Massage Envy. I was skeptical to try anything because I recently had a facial there and it wasn’t that great. The esthetician didn’t clean my pores with anything except cleansers and masks. When I go for a facial I like an esthetician that uses tools to pull all white/blackheads out of the skin and really focuses around the nose and any other problem areas. This woman didn’t do that, and the cleansers and masks that she used didn’t do much. Some of the products on the shelf were products I recalled her using so I was not interested in those at all. But they had a large tray display set up with all different kinds of sheet masks for $6-8.

The brand is called Cyme (pronounced See Me). They had 4 different types of masks for the face, 1 for the eyes, and 2 for the feet. The one that really caught my attention was called the Oxygen Bubble Sheet Mask. This oxygen mask deeply penetrates into the skin to reduce pore clogging impurities and dead skin cells. Apple and papaya fruit extracts help brighten uneven skin tone. The instructions says when you lay this mask onto your face bubbles start to form. So I spent $8 and figured I would give it a try.

This is not a typical “rubbery,” or cellulose sheet mask. This one is actually made from black fabric. It is very wet, and the second you put it onto a dry face it really starts to bubble. It feels great actually, its gentle but feels like all of the buildup inside your pores are just coming to the surface. The mask is supposed to stay on for 15 minutes, and then you gently massage your face in circular motions before rinsing it off. I massaged the suds around my face, rinsed it off, but then realized that there was so much product left on the mask. So I went back again with the black fabric, washed my face again, really focusing around my nose and around the edges of my face that usually doesn’t get as much attention. I washed my neck with it, and my ears, then rinsed the fabric with water and wiped off the suds. When there was still those oxygen bubbles left within the black fabric, I washed my hands and arms, really I got full use out of this mask and didn’t let any of it go to waste. And I love that! I love when you can use a product for more than its original purpose. 

When I was done using every last drop of the product, I threw the fabric mask away and took a good look at the results in the mirror. My skin looked great! It looked like my pores were smaller and felt super clean. My cheeks and undereyes were nice and bright and the slight redness on my nose and cheeks was very faded. It left my complexion much more even than usual, just like the packaging said. I love when a product doesn’t just make claims, it delivers results and this mask did.


I loved the Oxygen Bubble Sheet Mask so much the next time I went to an appointment I bought another one, and I bought the Refine-Anti Aging Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask. I have not used this one yet, but this mask is that “rubbery,” cellulose texture. I’m hoping it is just as good. Cyme makes a few others, the Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask, Charcoal Peel-Off Mask, and the Hydro Gel Anti-Aging Eye Masks. They also make two masks for your feet!

If your looking to try a really good sheet mask, I really enjoyed the Oxygen Bubble Sheet Mask from Cyme! They are only available to buy at Massage Envy Locations, in fact you can’t even buy them off their website. Luckily they’re a lot of Massage Envy locations around the United States, so check and see where the closest one is to you. Hopefully you can get your hands on one!




P.S. For all my mamas my next post is going to be about my favorite home products that are eco & baby friendly. They are great products to use if you have a fur-baby as well! See you soon!


Products Mentioned

Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask – $34

Cyme Oxygen Bubble Sheet Mask (Unable to purchase but click link to look at their line)

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Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited

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