Is the Jeffree Star Summer Snowcone Skinfrost a Star?

Is the Jeffree Star Summer Snowcone Skinfrost a Star?

Last week I made my very first Jeffree Star purchase. I saw a few great reviews on Youtube for the Summer Snowcone Skin Frost highlighter, so I wanted to try it for myself. I really did not need any new highlighters as I just purchased Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop and the Sephora Illuminate palette last month, but I gave into the temptation.


I bought the product through Beauty Bay; it is $3 more expensive on this website, but there is free international shipping. Jeffree Star’s website only offers free shipping on orders over $100. Shipping cost was $6.95, the Skin Frost itself was $29 on Jeffree’s website, so it was cheaper for me to pay $32.14 on Beauty Bay and get free shipping. Morphe also sells Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but they also charge for shipping on all orders under $75. I know it is just a few dollars difference, but buying makeup so often I like to save some coins when I can.


When I opened the shipping box, the packaging caught my eye right away. The metallic box it comes in, is awesome! The cardboard itself is like a mirror. The highlighter itself comes in a plastic circular pan. Again it is like a mirror on the outside, complete with the Jeffree Star logo. On the inside of the pan is a real, and very good quality mirror. The packaging is so luxurious, it made me have even higher expectations for the product. 


Inside the pan, the highlighter looks like a mustard yellow with a little bit of glitter in it. It looks way more “yellow” than gold. When I swatched it on the back of my hand, it definitely looks gold. It is a yellow gold, not a rose gold or a pale gold, it is like a bar of gold.


However, the Jeffree Star Summer Snowcone Skinfrost Highlighter was not a star, and here is why.


I expected to get a “blinding” highlight. There is pigment in this highlighter, don’t get me wrong. But pigment just describes the color. It is by no means “blinding.” It doesn’t reflect much light at all, and is much more subtle than I expected it to be.


My biggest problem with it, is that it is a “chunky” highlighter. If you don’t own several highlighters and don’t know what this means I will try my best to explain. The powder is not super fine. Inside of the pan Summer Snowcone is hard, the powder is harder and chunkier than other highlighting powders. In comparision Becca’s Champagne Pop is so soft and delicate inside of the pan. The powder is much finer. When swatching, you only need to lightly slide your finger across Champagne pop to get rich pigmented powder on your skin. You need to apply much more pressure when doing the same to Summer Snowcone. To get product on the brush, you need to keep swirling your brush in with a decent amount of pressure to pick up a decent amount of product.


The chunkier texture of Jeffree Star’s Summer Snowcone Skin Frost does not look very flattering on my skin. On my cheekbones I don’t see too much of the color. What I do see is a lot of individual pieces of glitter. It looks like I have fallout from a shimmery eyeshadow on my face. The texture doesn’t allow it to blend or sit very well on the skin.  It is not very blinding nor is it very pigmented on the face. It looked like it had much more color when I swatched it with my finger vs. using a brush. But again on the face it didn’t show much color and it didn’t reflect much light.


When I apply Becca’s Champagne Pop on my cheekbones it looks so much better. It is way more pigmented, you can see the rose gold color. The texture is much finer and because of that is blends into the skin way easier. There is no chunky sparkles whatsoever, no little pieces of glitter. The powder is pressed perfectly. Champagne pop is what I would consider a “blinding” highlight. You don’t need to have a stark white undertone highlighter for it to be “blinding.” A highlighter that goes on effortlessly, shows a lot of pigment, and reflects tons of light is what I would consider blinding. Summer Snowcone just doesn’t reflect much light at all.


I have watched a few videos on YouTube where the highlighter looked beautiful and reflective on those using it. But after I was so disappointed in the product I looked for reviews just on Summer Snowcone alone and many people feel the same way I do. No one who said they liked it mentioned that chunky texture and the chunky glitter inside of the product. It seems like a lot of the reviews I watched where people liked Summer Snowcone collaborated or are friends with Jeffree Star, so they may not be completely honest.



If you watch the review above, this girl is having the same issue I am. Watch how many times she needs to dip into the product before it even starts reflecting light. And if you use a fan brush like me, forget about it. You need a small powder or highlighting brush that is much more dense. A fluffier much looser fan brush just doesn’t pick up enough product. 

Our highlighting powder is extremely pigmented, so get ready to glow like a lighthouse! (Beauty tip: This product can be used on the face, eyes & body! Apply with a brush of your choice, and let yourself shine. A little goes a long way. This product can be used wet or dry, depending on your desired intensity.)


Jeffree’s website says this about the product. Extremely pigmented? Not at all, it might look that way on a finger swatch when you rub your finger on it with a lot of pressure, but placing it on the cheekbones there is not much pigment. A brush of your choice? Sure but a fan brush is useless with this product. You need a much denser brush to pick up enough product. A little goes a long way? Reffer to the video above and get your answer. You need a lot of product to go anywhere!


There are 2 good things about this product. 1 is the packaging is absolutely beautiful. Too bad this highlighter sucked because I would have loved to carry this around in my everyday to-go makeup bag. Summer Snowcone is in no way good enough to make room for in my to-go bag; it is reserved for my ride-or-die products that work all the time with no fuss. 2 is that it comes with a lot of product. Summer Snowcone is $29 and comes with 15 grams of product. Becca’s Champagne Pop comes with 8 grams of product for $38. So Jeffree Star’s product is almost double the product for $9 less. In my opinion, Champagne Pop is expensive but worth every penny. It is so silky and so luminous. It feels amazing on the skin. I don’t own any of the other Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighters, but I have swatched a few at Sephora. They all feel the same, super creamy and silky.

“Unlike traditional pressed powders, this unique formula blends pigments with liquids, to create an unparalleled, creamy feel that applies seamlessly for a silky finish that never cakes. The result: a high-shine, elegant finish that doesn’t look glittery.”


On Sephora’s website it says this about the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop. It says a high-shine that doesn’t look glittery. That is the opposite of Jeffree’s product, which hardly shines (unless you dig your brush in 10x, and roughly rub your face) and looks very glittery. Like I mentioned before it looks like there is fallout from a glittery eyeshadow on my face. Exactly what I don’t want in a highlighter.


Becca’s Champagne Pop is not a dupe for Summer Snowcone, it is a soft white gold with pinky peachy undertones. However Becca does make several golden shades. Prosecco Pop is a warm gold, probably the closest to Summer Snowcone but I have not compared the two side by side. Moonstone is a pale gold, and Topaz is a “golden bronze pearl,” according to Sephora’s website. If your going to spend $29 on Jeffree’s highlighter, plus the $6+ for shipping, $35 at least with tax, spend the $3 extra for one of Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter instead. I have a feeling you will be much more satisfied. Plus Sephora always takes returns, and for most of us we have a store close by. Whereas if you don’t like a Jeffree Star product, you have to pay again to ship it back to the company.


I was very disappointed with the Jeffree Star Skin Frost highlighter in Summer Snowcone. I thought it would be my new favorite highlighter, or at least my go-to for the summer. What I got was a chunky, glittery, hard, not very pigmented highlighter. I am not happy with it whatsoever. I can’t even make some bullshit excuse like “Oh well maybe if I use it wet, or if I just use it as a brow bone highlight, it will give me a “slight glow,” that is good for the pool.” The glittery texture looks awful, it won’t look good anywhere, for anything, on any occasion, let’s not make excuses for this stupid product. 


Jeffree Star needs to step up his game! I haven’t tried any other shades of his Skin Frost highlighter, but let me tell ya, if all of them have this chunky glittery texture I wouldn’t waste your time! There are so many better products out there. My Wet n Wild Illuminating Palette that was $6 is way better than Jeffree’s product, and it doesn’t look glittery whatsoever. The Wet n’ Wild Formula is so much better, it is smoother, not as hard, equally pigmented, and more importantly not glittery. I wouldn’t waste your money on this product, because I’m sure you would be disappointed.



I am not having good luck with products recently! I have tried several products back to back which all are not that great. Some of the products I recently tried were also newly launched. I feel that so many companies are in such a rush to launch new product lines. Especially since there are so many cosmetic brands online now, many of which launch new shades and products seasonally. With all the competition it seems that cosmetic companies are in a rush to put their product on the market, but don’t take the time to perfect the formula. Brands just want to have something to throw on the shelves to compete with all the other brands launching similar products. Most seasonal collections are limited edition, smaller amounts are made. They just want to put it out there and get it sold. If the formula isn’t good, oh well maybe they will try to make a better one next collection. If it was a disaster, they just won’t launch that specific product again. Can we get some quality in future collections please?!?!

If you have tried any of Jeffree’s products leave a comment below! How are his liquid lipsticks? Have you tried any other shades of the Skin Frost? Were they chunky, glittery? I love hearing feedback!



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I talked about brushes a bit in this post. I have tons of expensive brushes from IT Cosmetics and Sephora. Not too long ago I was at target and bought some extra brushes for crease eyeshadow, but picked up several E.L.F brushes because they were so inexpensive. I was shocked at how good some were, many I liked better than IT cosmetic brushes I had, and all of them beat similar styles of Real Techniques brushes. The Small Tapered brush is awesome for highlighting and setting under-eye area, its tapered so its easy to get directly under the eye. The mineral powder brush is also great for setting powder, its small, so great for small areas like the nose and above the lip. The Flawless face brush is my new favorite bronzer brush, I set both my Sephora and Real Techniques Powder brushes aside for this one. The contouring brush is similar to the NARS ITA Brush in the way that it gives a great straight line for contour. I give myself a good edge with it, then blend my product out with the Flawless Face Brush. I am so amazed by how great these little E.L.F brushes are, and the price is amazing. I just washed many for the first time last week and my IT Cosmetics brushes were shedding a few hairs but the E.L.F brushes did not shed one. They aren’t top quality brushes but they work well and easily compete with Real Techniques brushes.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics on Beauty Bay

Jeffree Star Skin Frost Summer Snowcone – $32.60 – Beauty Bay (Free Shipping, Cheapest)

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop – $38.00 – Sephora

Wet N Wild MegaGlo Illuminate Palette in Catwalk Pink – $4.68 – Walmart

E.L.F Small Tapered Brush-$3-E.L.F (Out of all my expensive brushes this is my favorite for setting the under-eye and adding highlight)

E.L.F Mineral Powder Brush -$3- E.L.F (Another great brush for setting under-eye area)

E.L.F Flawless Face Brush-$6- E.L.F (My New Favorite Bronzer Brush)

E.L.F Contouring Brush-$6-E.L.F (Great for straight line contour)

E.L.F highlighting brush – $3- E.L.F

E.L.F Fan Brush– $4- E.L.F

NARS Kabuki Ita Brush– $55- Sephora

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