Run as Fast as You Can From This Foundation!

Run as Fast as You Can From This Foundation!

I really hate bashing products and saying negative things about them, I really do want to like all the products I try. I want to be able to give every product a great review. Products made by smaller companies especially. Many smaller companies don’t have huge marketing budgets, they don’t advertise much, if at all. There is no better way to promote a small brand than to have every day people writing good reviews about their products, convincing others to try them for themselves. Unfortunately this is not the case with the newest foundation I have tried. I have absolutely nothing against the company, I am open to trying more of their products in the future, giving them a chance to redeem themselves. But for now, here is my honest opinion about this product.

I bought the Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation at Whole Foods last week. They were actually sold out of several shades so I took this as evidence that this was a good product. The foundation comes in 8 different shades. As I was playing around with the colors trying to make a match I noticed that many were very light. All the shades up to warm 2 are super light, and the difference between the warm 2 and warm 3 was huge. Warm 2 was pretty light, and warm 3 was way to orangey and dark for my skin. I have a medium skin tone, I’m pretty neutral although I have more of a yellow undertone then pink. There was no sample of the olive shade and it was sold out. My face has gotten tan over the summertime, but the warm 3 was still too orange. So I opted for the lighter warm 2 and figured it would work well over the wintertime when my face is lighter.


My normal routine before putting on foundation is clean skin, and then a bit of primer. My favorite way to apply foundation is with a damp beauty blender. I applied a small amount to the back of my hand, then dotted the product around my face with my finger. Next up, blending time. I took the damp beauty blender and attempted to pounce the product into my skin. It would not blend at all. It just sat on top of my skin, it literally would not blend in. So the areas I had directly dotted the product on were covered, and anywhere else I attempted blending was blotchy, barely covered at all.


Then I decided to try a foundation brush. I added a little bit more product, took my favorite IT cosmetics foundation brush, and made circular motions around my skin. DISASTER! Again it would not blend properly. It wouldn’t absorb into the skin, it just sat on top of it. The other thing I noticed is that it felt slightly oily when you put it on your skin, but it dries so fast, and almost powdery. It looked like I put excess powder foundation all over my face and did not blend it in well enough.


The foundation looked horrendous, I was not leaving the house looking like that. But for the purpose of reviewing the product for more than 5 minutes, I kept it on in the house for a while. As I said, the product is a liquid foundation, but it dries very fast so it must be applied quickly. Once it dries, it seems like it dries powdery, if that makes any sense. Because of that, it only took about 20 minutes when I started feeling like my skin was dehydrated and parched. It was so drying. My skin is not oily, and it isn’t very dry, I have pretty normal skin. MAYBE JUST MAYBE this product would be good for someone with VERY OILY skin. Maybe the foundation will absorb the oil and feel as a liquid foundation should. But if you have normal skin, this product will just make your skin feel to dry.


The box says it is a medium to full coverage foundation, but it also says “flawless full coverage.” I was expecting this to be pretty much full coverage. Well I was wrong about that. This doesn’t really cover anything, it didn’t even cover the slight discoloration I have on my left temple, or the slight redness I have on my cheeks. The next day when I was taking pictures of the box I noticed it said to blend using fingertips. I tried it again that way and it didn’t help whatsoever. It still didn’t blend properly, didn’t give a good even coverage, and felt like I put a cheap, dry powder foundation on my face.  It doesn’t blend, it doesn’t cover anything, the Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation was a disaster in every way, shape, and form.


The only good thing I can say about this product is the ingredients. It was one of the reasons I bought it to begin with. It is age defying and contains antioxidant rich green tea, pomegranate and vitamin C. Aloe, lavender and licorice soothes and calms the skin. It is a cruelty-free brand, and free of parabens, gluten, artificial coloring, and fragrance. However regardless of how great the ingredients are, if the product doesn’t work it is not good for anything but sitting in your makeup drawer.


When I went on the Mineral Fusion Website, I saw several great reviews for this product. Many of the people who liked it said that they had oily skin. There were many reviews similar to mine that said the foundation was drying, many of the colors are too light, and it does not blend well. It is not a cheap drugstore foundation, it is $32.99 at Whole Foods. There are so many foundations in this price point to choose from. If Mineral Fusion wants to compete with these other brands they really need to step up their formula and make the product more blend-able, as that seemed to be the biggest issue, as well as add more shades. 


Sorry Mineral Fusion, I hate to give your product such a bad review. I thought I might really like this foundation but unfortunately for me it was a huge disappointment. To all my readers out there, I pride myself on giving 100% honest reviews, I do have magic links where I can earn a commission if you buy something after clicking a link on my site, but I don’t write these reviews to make money. The whole purpose of Earthy Beauty Blog is to find new products that contain great ingredients, are free of harsh chemicals, and work well. But in the process of finding those products, you do come across a few bad ones. If you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say it at all is something most of us are taught growing up. But I do want to write about the bad products, even if I don’t have anything nice to say about them. It shows the true struggle of finding great products and gives people a heads up before spending their hard earned money. Not all of us can buy a new foundation every month, most of us buy one and use it to the very last drop, hoping they last for months. No one wants to get excited to open a brand new bottle of foundation and find that it doesn’t do its job.


Again sorry for the harsh review, but the Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation did not work for me. I do love hearing feedback, please let me know if you have tried this foundation yourself. Did you like it? Did it blend well? What kind of skin do you have? Also let me know if you have any recommendation for other Mineral Fusion products!




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