Detox Your Face!

Detox Your Face!

One of my favorite things to do is wander around the bath & body section of Whole Foods and check out their latest and greatest beauty products. I get so excited when my face wash or body lotion is running low and it’s time to try a new one, or something is on sale and the offer cannot be passed up. About a month ago Whole Foods had some products by Alba Botanica on sale. They had face wipes, makeup removers, several types of face cleansers, and this one really caught my eye. For $7.99 I figured why not give it a whirl.

Hawaiian Detox Scrub

The Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Scrub is going to be a staple in my bathroom until I come across something I like even better. This scrub CLEANS YOUR FACE! My pores are almost eliminated, any little whiteheads I have are removed with this stuff. I really like the fact that unlike other face scrubs, the Hawaiian Detox Scrub is not super abrasive so it doesn’t damage the skin. It is gentle enough to use everyday.

The ingredients in here are bomb, 100% vegetarian with no parabens, phtalates or synthetic fragrances and it’s hypo-allergenic. Of course no animal testing! The volcanic clay exfoliates the skins surface and absorbs any pollutants that are clogged inside of the pores. The lotus flower and antioxidant-rich yerba mata balances and tones the skin. I like that there isn’t a super strong, “perfumy” scent. The is a slightly floral scent with a bit of a fruity undertone.

I have tried many face scrubs like felt very oily, some I used once, broke out, and never used again. This is not the slightest bit oily. Previous to this, I was using the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Acne Scrub. I liked that one again because it was oil free, however I did not feel that it was gentle enough on my skin to use everyday. I would use the Neutrogena about 3x a week and would definitely leave my face feeling clean. This Hawaiian Scrub leaves me feeling DETOXED, like I just got a facial and all the pollutants in my pores were squeezed out (without the redness, pain, or irritation from a good facial!) Again it really is gentle enough to wash your face with daily. It’s not expensive either, the price is close to the Neutrogena cleansers.

I got mine on sale at Whole Foods for $7.99, and I have seen certain products from Alba Botanica on sale for a special buy, they had their face wipes 2/$7 last time I was there. There are several websites that have it for sale including Target, which is linked down below. When your face wash is running low and it’s time to buy a new one, put the Hawaiian Detox Scrub on your list of things to try!

*TIP*– Don’t forget Whole Foods has an AMAZING customer service policy! They will give you samples of beauty products, and let you try almost anything in the store. If you try a product and are not in love with it, or it didn’t suit you, you can return it! I should write a whole post about Whole Foods and their policy.

Product Details:

Alba Botanica- Hawaiian Detox Scrub – $8.39

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To Use: Gently massage over a moistened face and neck. Can be used every day or several days a week. Rinse and Glow.

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